Advice from a supporter that is beginning to wane

I want the maverick back. Not the guy that talks about being a maverick and being bipartisan and bringing people together but the guy that IS. Don’t suspend your campaign and don’t phone it in.

Continue stumping for the fact that you tried. You went there to try making sure that all parties were at the table. And in the end this bill was better and had more bipartisan support than the original ever could have. But that it is not enough and it is not done. Stump for the Gingrich turned Republican house plan. Some smaller “bail-out” might needed to be included, say 100B to allow for the Fed to hold distressed mortgages. Take the failure of a bad plan as a good thing not a distraction. Everyone, I talked to leaning either way thinks that an insurance plan and protection is in order but not a buy-out. If you can be the voice of this plan, the voice of those Republicans and Democrats that could not vote for this, the voice of the people. Then get to Washington (middle of the night, early morning arrival) and get his financial bill done. Stand as a leader from the Capital steps and proclaim your stance strongly for all to hear. It will pass and you will bring me strongly back into your camp.

You have to believe it, you have to feel it, and you have to lead I see this campaign much as I did the acceptance speech; kind of slow and methodical, laying out the differences, explaining positions to the American people. But it needs to end strong, the speech ended with emotion, it ended by calling us all forward, it ended as a maverick and America become the leader we all need. loved it. Now end this campaign the same way.

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