Dear John: I hope we can work this out (page 1)

Dear John McCain,

Please stop “I can reach across the isle” platitudes. Everyone knows you have and everyone understands. What you have to do is explain where you stand and where you believe Obama stands. Gov. Palin started on a few points but missed the clarity that is required to convert the undecided. It is time to walk people through the conversion and pin Obama down.

Based on last weeks debates and stump speeched since, here are a few points I think need clarification. No spin just straight talk and facts.

1. Where does Obama stand? He says that he will only raise taxes on the top 5% and you say that should not be trusted. Not enough…step us through.

Obama says that he will only raise taxes on the top 5% of wage earners. Though I fundamentally think that is wrong-headed, I understand the concerns others may have with the deficit. I will get to that a bit later. I would like to take Senator Obama at his word as many Americans would as well. But looking at his very short senatorial record he has voted 94 times against the taxpayers and for higher taxes for individuals with income as low as 42k (earning him a lifetime rating of 14% in favor of taxpayers). With a record as short as his, it is possible that this does not represent the full view of the man. Let’s look back at his state legislative record. That too is a bit murky with a large number of votes of “present”. Hard to gauge that. That’s OK, let’s take one more step. We can look at his community service and the character of the people with which he surrounds himself. Well… there is that work with Acorn…maybe that series of board meetings and work with Bill Ayers… well at least his is attended church regularly.

There is nothing in his background at all that would indicate that he is nothing but a far left liberal that would raise taxes on everyone. But again, I do not want to call him a liar. If he says he won’t, then maybe we should take him at his word. For example, he said he supports our troops…but then voted to cut off their funding. He said he would accept matching funds… but then decided not to. He says he understands the middle class and then says that they are bitterly clinging to their guns and religion.

I am sorry my friends, his background and the facts simply do not support his words. I am a man of action and my record on that is clear. The difference is also just as clear.”

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