Obama’s own campaign convicts him for Fannie Mae collapse

Wow this is this most tainted twisted story I have ever seen! The narrator should lose all credibility and his job (if he has one beyond being a shill for the campaign).

The arguments layed out here absolutely set up Senator Obama for an investigation. The campaign contributions by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac implicate him in a plot to stop regulation of those companies. No different then the allegations against Senator McCain at the time.

McCain was exonerated after the investigation and 3 Democrats were indited. Somehow this was missed. This investigation set John McCain on the path to clean up corruption and undue influence in Washington and his record proves it.

I say it is now time to bring Senator Obama in front of the congress and the American people to answer for his campaign donations. As this video sets forth, he woudl have demanded no less from John McCain. Let us see if he too can come out clean.

Thanks for opening the door to fair play.


One thought on “Obama’s own campaign convicts him for Fannie Mae collapse

  1. Just amazing to me that this shaddy character, with almost no political experience, is likely to win the election next month. I am not ready for socialism….not mentally and not financially. (I don’t like to be “forced” to share my economic gains.) I don’t want to go there. 🙂 HELP!

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