Kurtz has read the facts and connected some dots.

I originally thought that the fact that they sat on a board together for a few years was a questionable relationship. One that really required us to wait on Obama and see just what kind of legislator he will be. I think that is even more evident after reading the Kurtz article today.

The now connected dealings between Obama, Ayers, Wright and anti-American, anti-capitalist ideas are downright scary. All of those relationships are protected by the shroud of racism. Since the majority of Americans and journalists did not grow up as black men, how can they judge such things? Most of them would not dare try.

These tighter connection gives even more credence to the idea that Ayers helped Obama write his first book while both serving together. I figured this was fun reading and a interesting technical conspiracy theory but the ties seem to be pretty tight.

I have a simple answer on how to answer these questions fully and completely… time. Give us all time to see if these are “political relationships”” from Chicago politics or weather these are truly the “belief system” of this man.


2 thoughts on “Kurtz has read the facts and connected some dots.

  1. This is scary. His relationship with Ayers & the ACORN group needs to be called out. Unfortunately, our first class media outlets (with the exception of maybe fox news will not dare do this). This all goes well beyond doing some "legal wok" only Obama claims to have done for the group back in 1995.

    Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of time for this to shake out. Tell who you can if they will listen, as quickly as you can. Voters go the polls in a few weeks.

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