It’s hard to reach out to workers while punitivly taxing the employer.

In response to ‘Joe the Plumber and GOP ‘Authenticity’

I hope your were not completely serious. I do appreciate a Liberal that actual understands how they are viewed and is willing to put forth an argument that does not start with “Well, Bush…” You are dead-on correct that the cities are viewed as cesspools of humanity that are no longer based on the American dream [ but on holding people in depravity and dependence’s addition]. I only wished someone had the guts to back up their talking points with the fact that the Anti-American thoughts come from years of being squeezed about the neck by long-term Democrat control that continues to drive companies out of town and the value of the homes (dare I say the standard of living downward). That the dreams and goals of these Americans have been crushed under Liberal philosophies that fail year after year and have turned them into … dare I say… Bitter Americans clinging to their government handouts and class envy. Those are not the true American values and what was the American dream.

I do not believe that companies and free markets are foolproof. In fact I believe that they are driven by greed. But greed can be understood and directed. That is the role of government. The role of referee to watch over the game and make sure that each team plays by the rules. But when the referees work for the team you are playing, it is hard to keep the game fair. You now have a game where government bureaucrats set the rules of the game in their own favor. I put to you that Liberals (an you… regardless of affiliation) confuse Conservatives and Republicans with free market Libertarians. Yes, we are cut from the same cloth but Republicans believe in the limited role of government to assist the free market. To control and direct the free market and to then jump into and compete against the free market ,no, that takes Liberals.


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