I am sure you have all heard Republicans are violent racists at rallies.

Have any of you heard the Secret service has interviewed their own agents, police and attendees and noone actually heard what Singleton claims he heard. But you see it must be true because the media is always truthful and there is no way he misheard it or had any bias. I am sure all of the news outlets that ran with the stories for days, spent at least some time (a blink of an eyelash) to follow-up on the Secret Service agents investigation.

Do you think Singleton will be investigated as deeply as Joe the Plumber? I would like to know how he is registered? What his religious affiliations are. I forgot that is only important to exposes the “crazies on the right wing” and not for these high minded press-folk.

Media bias is so obvious at times… but since that is “Right Wing fear mongering”, no sense in basing an opinion on the facts at hand. Have you seen the “outrage” over the verbal abuse of McCain supported in New York or the beating of a female McCain supporter with the stick of her own sign?

Pending breaking story, might be too sensational… Or the robber that scratched a B into the face of his victim because she had a McCain sticker on her car?

Update 10/24: I know what the B stands for “B…h”. She lied. Stupid people on both sides. This does not help…. This is going to allow the media to concentrate on her as the “Representative” of McCain supporters and ignore the truth about the nuts on both sides. This may change the dynamic away from Joe the Plumber and over to the Vast Right Wing ConspiracyKooks.. Let me say that I think “SB” fits better.



One thought on “I am sure you have all heard Republicans are violent racists at rallies.

  1. Our elections are a joke because our populace is too lazy and ignorant to watch the news or read a book instead of wasting their time on worthless drivel like “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars.” They care more about association, race, religion, favorite movie star, underwear type, and personality than they care about leadership and judgment.

    Furthermore, the politicians who are supposed to represent us even when we aren’t paying attention are actively raping our future. I may lean republican but I’m not too partisan to see that the republican party allowed corruption to wash all over them after they took power in the 90’s. They broke their promises and went on a glut of spending and gov’t growth (and that’s ignoring the fallout from 9/11, katrina, etc). The current republican party might as well be the freaking democratic party because I can’t tell much difference anymore. Barney Frank may have chipped away at loan regulations but Ted Stevens was taking money and gifts from CountryWide while he helped. There are a slew of other examples of both parties making money from the scandal.

    I’m currently disgusted with our entire system. Both parties should be ashamed of themselves for throwing mud at a time when we need real leadership and good judgment. Obama is running on his charm because his policies are marxist and would be rejected if people knew about him. McCain is failing to effectively communicate his policies, and let’s face it Sarah Palin doesn’t have enough experience (and neither does obama). The republican fawning over Palin makes me ill. Call me an elitist but she’s not smart enough for me. I like her as a person but not as my president. I was a solid McCain vote b4 Palin but now I’m thinking Bob Barr.

    Obama will win for the same reasons that John Kennedy won (remember.. popularity contest.. good looking, speaks well, inspring, etc). People forget how awful the inexperienced JFK presidency was because of the tragedy that befell him. Even worse was the follow up of LBJ. However, that rise of the dems power and resulting diminishing of the repub power led to a republican revival eventually. Maybe this will be the lesson that the republican party needs so we can get away from personal greed and back to what’s important — the country and the great people that live in her.

    We will prevail because of our people. We may be too lazy to pay attention to the world, but we’re very smart and highly productive people. Let’s just hope that we can achieve satisfactory gov’t peacefully. Because otherwise Jefferson was right, eventually the gov’t will become too oppressive, and then I wouldn’t want to be a gov’t employee.

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