Republicans are making Lemons from Lemonade

Some Positive Reactions From The Right

Thank you Dennis for your optimism. I agree mostly with point 1 and whole-heartedly with point two. However, you are far more optimistic then I on the rest.

Point 3: Liberals are in the process of creating a plurality of Americans that pay no income tax. Race is not the issue and never was (point 2) it was a distraction to maximize class envy and anti-capitalist thought. Even if the tide shifts and becomes obvious that this was always the case, do you expect enough of the majority to vote themselves a tax increase? The other side of the same coin is this; Socialism and redistribution of wealth (if implemented) will hurt the poorer (predominantly black) communities harder then others. This will perpetuate the anger towards corporations and their “racist” ownership. The more their plans fail the more they need bigger plans to solve the problems. I do not see this reversing.

Point 4: The majority of the voting populous does not leave our shores. The outside opinion of our country is only what the media is willing to show us. In this era, they will all love Obama. No protests will be covered, terrorist attacks will be side issues. We eventually will know as our world view may turn quickly back to reality with another attack on US soil. But I do not expect that to occur in the next 4 years. They may be planning but it will take time for our complacency to allow them to be reconstituted and successfully complete an attack. At that point we will be so complacent and so unprepared, that a disproportionate response will be hard to muster.

Point 5: Conservatives have no voice and are so weak that you may be right on this one. But by our nature, I agree that we will be more civil. But we will be portrayed as the opposite. Any voice of opposition will be called racist (back to point 3). The media will continue to push that this country is now Center-Left regardless of the exit polls and reality. What conservatives need is a clear plan of opposition and a set of principals to carry the party forward. Today those voices are signs under the seats in a Denver sports arena.


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