The sublety of bias… Senator Gregg edition

It is sometimes tough to recognize bias. Especially, when it is the terms of “exclusion”. Simply, leaving out information that might change your view on the situation. The recent situation of Senator Gregg’s removing himself from cabinet consideration is a key example.

The media is trying to spin the message as a “partisan Republican, unwilling to work with the ever-flexible and conciliatory Obama.” It fits well into their overall massage that Republicans are trying to kill the “bipartisan” stimulus bill. Which is funny since they were not part of writing it in the house or part of the negotiations on the rewrite. Only in the Senate, could this bill itself even be categorized as bipartisan.

But what did they leave out of almost all of their newscasts? The 2010 US census and the shift of power from the Commerce Department to the White House. This purely political move was one of the reasons (labelled “slight catalyzing reason” by Gregg) for his withdrawal. Yet, in the LA Times/AP story, ABC, NBC and CBS the soundbite was trimmed or skipped. But the CBS Evening News story from Chip Reid did find time to give us this, “a top Democratic source on Capitol Hill was more blunt, saying Gregg actively campaigned for the job, then’ erratically dropped out without warning.’ CNN picked it up (yeah CNN) and had this to say, “sources close to Senator Gregg say the bigger issue for him was the White House’s effort to take control of the census.”

You see the politicalization of the US census doesn’t fit the “Obama the bipartisan” or “Republicans are partisan” spin. If you mention that the shift of power by the President had an impact you could defeat your own argument and views on the subject. Of course, Gregg refusing to vote for the porkulus bill also had impact. I like Gregg’s words as they speak volumes, “Obviously the president requires a team that is fully supportive of all his initiatives.” That does not sound bipartisan. sounds like “my way or the highway”. What did the Obama team say about this, “very clear throughout the interviewing process” that Gregg could “support, embrace and move forward” with Obama’s agenda [Fox reports].

Truth is that they are all partisan. Obama is building on his left wing agenda and there is no room for a fiscal conservative. Gregg was elected because of his views by the people he represents and should not change those views to get a cabinet post or pass a bad bill. [I am happy my Senators and congressmen voted against this bill. They are performing their duty as I would expect.] Just cover the facts, put out the quotes and do not tell me what to think or hide valuable details.


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