Redistribution of Wealth the free market way

This country seems to be split fifty/fifty with little way to resolve the fundamental disagreement between free market conservatives and the liberal (more socialistic) redistribution philosophies. As I stated in a previous blog, there is huge tension created by the simple fact that the socialist agenda must take from the free market agenda to succeed. How can we have both function without the pending civil unrest? How about working this out the same way we work out other tough decisions; 401k plans, health care, child birth and just about any other product. Choice… Democrats are all about “choice.” How about tax system choice?

I am not advocating a civil separation of peoples or states along physical boundaries. Simply a redistribution of wealth based on fiscal policy. If you are a Liberal Democrat you can send in all income over a calculated level for redistribution. Lets say $50,000 which is close to the median. If you make more then this number you send it in. Better yet, register and it will be taken from your paycheck so that you are not irresponsible with it.  If you make less, you will receive a check to level you up to $50,000. The influx of money from Hollywood elites and news paper executives alone would amount to 100s of billions in new tax revenue.

For those on the conservative side, simply send in 15% of each dollar over that median level.  [For the basis of this social experiment, the flat tax versus fair tax argument will have to wait ].  No exceptions no loopholes just 15%. You will get none of it back directly.  Don’t expect it.  Don’t lobby for it.  This is the fee for living and earning money in this great country.   This will go into the general fund to be used for education, military, roads, etc.

Those of you in the middle (the undecideds), you can keep the current tax system or elect to jump into either of the other options. This is the ultimate in choice and allows for the liberal philosophy to coexist with the conservative.

Do you believe that this is unfair? Because the liberals will have to pay more? But don’t they want to pay more? Why target this one group of Americans? Why do we pick on the rich as we do today? This system seems to be far more fair and is definitely more free.   In fact, far more liberal voters will be exempt from taxation because all those under the median level will be paying no taxes.  IN this system, we are selecting whom we gather our funds from, not by their income status but by their freely stated desire for a philosophy they would vote impart onto others.

Corporations that want to create jobs and pay employees to grow their businesses can. Companies that want to be based on philanthropy and non-profit can exist on both sides of this model. Those funded by government mandate would have public funds available to be redistributed from the same money’s as individuals. Those on a private sector mandate would have to seek a profitable business model or the philanthropy of others.

Some would say “everyone would select the conservative model” because they pay less.  I say those people do not understand the full commitment of the liberals to their philosophy.  Are you telling me you believe they only want to take from others and not give of themselves?  I suppose, that I have more faith in our American socialist than you.  With a 50/50 split we are in the perfect environment to set up a balance to test this.  We can then see which model produces more revenue and opportunity for the most people. As I stated, the conservative funds would still be available for government projects, military and the like. So from the contributions of that model, all would benefit at the Federal level.  To be fair, both models will have to contribute. Liberal funds would not be allowed to go only to social programs and nothing towards infrastructure (like Russia, France, Greece, CA and …)  Ok, in our version of the model that might need to be worked out.

You know… maybe I am making this to too difficult. We can test this today without a complicated law and debate. We know the median income level.  Liberals just send in the rest above that number when you vote and let’s get out of this deficit. You could solve many these problems in the first year based on your own stated desires.  No need to have to force the rest of us into that model.  Imagine the glow of victory, the show of strength of character and convictions in your desired system of government. I would be so proud to call you all our Americans friends on the left. Then the rest of us would continue to work , so that we can give you jobs, watch your movies, read your papers.   All the while, knowing that your profits are the profits for us all.

It is a free country and you are free to pursue your dreams of fairness. Just remember to leave me free to pursue mine.


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