Rush Limbaugh: How to define a legacy?

My father was diagnosed this year and had half a lung removed, radiation and the like. Talking politics and Limbaugh with him was a great distraction. Thanks for making that harder (sarcasm font). I am seriously saddened (or as Rush the Band said… I felt a shadow cross my heart). Nut not fully surprised based on all the unscheduled days away.

On to my point. I often wondered what will Rush’s Legacy be? Obviously, talk radio and the rise of Conservative and Libertarian pundits. Even Fox News and proving that it could be viable. Is that enough? My mother is working on a similar issue with her favorite horse trainer (… Based on her love of him and his style. But it is a reasonable and serious question, even as you simply get older.

I would love to volunteer to interview you (in no way professional on that) and help organize thoughts and ideas. I do not expect that I can execute on them all, but you have amazing people that can for those that you already have through about. I want new ideas, classroom, certification (no diplomas I know), stack of stuff, search databases, etc.etc We need a project plan.

I truly am not selling anything. Just love and experience from a stranger that feels like an long awaited friend [another Rush the band lyric]. I am technical and a father of three, these are the things I am thinking of since my dad was diagnosed. Thanks to my mom for starting this thought process. You do not have kids (that we know of) but we are all your students and to make sure the education never stops, we need a plan.

Much love and appreciation


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