Healthcare still the major weakness of Trump Administration

The GOP and President are failing on Healthcare as they did in 2018. If the GOP can take this issue from the left, they will have kicked the last leg from the Democrat stool.

You cannot just talk big picture, protect preexisting conditions, cheaper etc. You need a plan. The left has plans. We may not like them but just opposing a bad plan is not leading. Facts matter; the rest is opinion about what a plan could be BUT IS NOT.

So here is my simple argument for a universal HSA plan. You may think people already know about HSAs but most do not.

The left wants control over your healthcare. Whether it was Obamacare, medicare-for-all or somewhere in between, the destruction of private healthcare is the goal. [Obamacare was meant to fail to pave the way for single payer] We have another goal. Individual rights and personal choice.

Our plan will open up Health Savings Accounts for everyone. HSAs, backed by private insurance, protect individuals from catastrophic healthcare costs and put buying power and decisions back in the hands of you and your doctor.

It is “insurance”; a healthcare safety net and not a welfare handout. We will allow more widespread funding of this personal protection. Whether it be your employer, your family, your church, charity or the state and federal govt; we want EVERYONE to have the security that if something bad were to happen you will have coverage.

The HSA nest-egg is 100% transferable between jobs, insurers and in the rare case (during GOP administrations) unemployment. Healthy and young people benefit most by building this protection before it is needed. With a large healthcare protection fund behind you, you will be free to shop healthcare and insurance prices, switch doctors, pursue a new job. We will bring competition back to the healthcare market.

Employers will continue to compete with added benefits and increased funding, but your basic healthcare needs will be yours and you will be protected.


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