Trump CAN win California in 2020

Rush Limbaugh said that Trump should campaign in CA. Not because he can win it outright but to set the stage.  He is correct; but also wrong (sorry 98.6%).

Trump can win CA easily and campaigning there is obviously and important step.  CA passed a law that all 55 of their electoral votes go to the national percentage winner of the popular vote ( Trump no longer needs to win CA outright.  He just needs to shift  enough votes combined with other national votes to win the popular vote.

Many Republican voters were unsure how a President Trump would lead, some even voting for Hillary. Trump now has a history of policy and action. His rallies are bringing people of the sidelines and Democrats across party lines. With this economy and left wingnuts against him, the 3 million vote difference (1-2%) seems in reach.   Making that small shift by campaigning in NY and CA and those two states [ CO, VA, NJ, IL are yours]. 

A 2% nationwide shift and it is an electoral landslide for Trump in 2020.   Thank you, factions and passions for trying to force a democracy on our representative republic. First the 17th amendment and now this. Our Constitutional structure had many protections against this kind of faction driving public policy. This is exactly what states rights, electors and our founding opposition to “faction” was supposed to protect against.

“A Republic, if you can keep it.” – Ben Franklin 1787


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