CORE principals

CORE principals… I believe that this is what is missing in today’s conversation.
Leftist ideas are terrifying. But many (too many) Democrats cannot or will not see it. In too many minds and conversations, it is just politics. Both sides are the same and just playing games.

But if you keep yours eyes open, you can see through the politics, the noise and stand strong on CORE principals. It is very sad how many people simply do not have any CORE principals any more. Success by any means, power at any cost is deemed acceptable.

This may be why you, me early on, and many others simply did not like Trump. We did not trust his core. He has shown us entertainment focus, self-aggrandizement that made us question his core. However, the events of the 2016 campaign, the transition, his presidency and COVID have exposed his CORE. And his CORE truly is America First.

These same events have exposed the CORE beliefs of many others — and those are terrifying. We are supposed to ignore what these events expose about them and just believe it is politics or that it is only to counter Trump. Everything will be just fine once Bad Orange man is gone. But underneath all the political noise, a CORE set of principals show an anti-American bias.


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