Huffington Post reused edited image as a different city to dig Tea-Parties

As you would expect the Huffington Post has a bit of an issue covering these tea-parties but this was priceless coverage. I found this picture with the heading “Barack Hussein Obama The New face Of Hitler”– T. Romao, Chicago.” And then further down the page in another section I found this with the heading “ObamaContinue reading “Huffington Post reused edited image as a different city to dig Tea-Parties”

Obama Administration: These things that are now “torture”

With the discloser of the memos it has become very obvious that our definition of torture has softened a bit. I read through the events and laughed at times. I know it was not nice… but a caterpillar.. come on. I was thinking that would terrorize my daughter (she too thinks insects are out toContinue reading “Obama Administration: These things that are now “torture””

"Torture" edited for bias style

Here are the headlines… Washington Post: Interrogation Details EmergeCNN: Bush-era interrogation memo: No torture without ‘severe pain’ intentNew York Times: Interrogation Memos Detail Harsh Tactics by the C.I.A.LA Times: Memos reveal CIA interrogation methodsWall Street Journal: CIA Memos Released; Immunity for Harsh Tactics[note headline on home page differs No Prosecution for Waterboarding ]Fox News: Administration:Continue reading “"Torture" edited for bias style”