Rush Limbaugh: How to define a legacy?

My father was diagnosed this year and had half a lung removed, radiation and the like. Talking politics and Limbaugh with him was a great distraction. Thanks for making that harder (sarcasm font). I am seriously saddened (or as Rush the Band said… I felt a shadow cross my heart). Nut not fully surprised basedContinue reading “Rush Limbaugh: How to define a legacy?”

IG Report helps define bias in prior memos

IG Report “Cliff Notes” Prior Memos “Cliff Notes” IG Report – Summary Steele’s election reporting on September 19, 2016 played a central and essential role in the FBI’s and Department’s decision to seek the FISA order. Carter Page’s alleged coordination with the Russian government on 2016 U.S. presidential election activities-the application relied entirely on theContinue reading “IG Report helps define bias in prior memos”

Page WAS misused by the FBI

After the IG disclosure of the edited email stating that Carter Page was “not a source”, I have found myself very interested in this alteration. I have read very little that details this besides “it looks very bad” or “obvious bias”. But like much of the reporting, high on opinion and low on facts. SoContinue reading “Page WAS misused by the FBI”

Redistribution of Wealth the free market way

This country seems to be split fifty/fifty with little way to resolve the fundamental disagreement between free market conservatives and the liberal (more socialistic) redistribution philosophies. As I stated in a previous blog, there is huge tension created by the simple fact that the socialist agenda must take from the free market agenda to succeed.Continue reading “Redistribution of Wealth the free market way”

CORE Principals exposed via solutions

So much about politics is noise. To filter our the noise, I use one simple technique. I listen for CORE Principals. In most arguments, the problems are known and often agreed. However, the solutions move in often opposite directions. My core principals lean on the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I lookContinue reading “CORE Principals exposed via solutions”

Perspective changes everything: ah-ha moment with Glenn Beck

I watched Tuesday and Wednesday’s show and the work at the chalkboard. I have to admit that I had a light bulb/AH HA moment. I do not believe that my “discovery” was your intent and may already be obvious to you and your audience. To me it was that dot that connected a few others and made theContinue reading “Perspective changes everything: ah-ha moment with Glenn Beck”

CNN gets what they deserve

You have probably seen the CNN “reporter” confronting Tea Party attendees in Chicago. You probably saw the attack on the dad with the two year old but have you seen the whole thing? You may have missed her intro and lies about the organizers. You may not have seen the first guy she picked out…Continue reading “CNN gets what they deserve”

"Torture" edited for bias style

Here are the headlines… Washington Post: Interrogation Details EmergeCNN: Bush-era interrogation memo: No torture without ‘severe pain’ intentNew York Times: Interrogation Memos Detail Harsh Tactics by the C.I.A.LA Times: Memos reveal CIA interrogation methodsWall Street Journal: CIA Memos Released; Immunity for Harsh Tactics[note headline on home page differs No Prosecution for Waterboarding ]Fox News: Administration:Continue reading “"Torture" edited for bias style”

Tea Party Atlanta Biggest and Best

I was there, I was proud and I was surprised. I had hoped for 5,000 people and a ratio 9 to 1 (90% normal people and 10% nut jobs). I was surprised on both counts. The counts coming in are north of 10,000 and may be as high as 20,000 people. I could not tellContinue reading “Tea Party Atlanta Biggest and Best”

TeaParty Attendees: beware of wolves in conservative clothing

If you attending your local Tea Party event Watch out for random Liberal bloggers trying to play this as far right anti-government folks. Don’t let them. This government is too big and we are taxed enough to support a proper government. This is not “no tax, anarchy”. This is slimmer, more efficient and more fairContinue reading “TeaParty Attendees: beware of wolves in conservative clothing”