Huffington Post reused edited image as a different city to dig Tea-Parties

As you would expect the Huffington Post has a bit of an issue covering these tea-parties but this was priceless coverage.

I found this picture with the heading “Barack Hussein Obama The New face Of Hitler”– T. Romao, Chicago.”

And then further down the page in another section I found this with the heading “Obama pictured as Hitler in Philadelphia, PA–photo by Toni Romao”
Man that guy gets around, fast!

Now I could try to give them the benefit of the doubt on a typo. But they changed the image, as well as, the caption. Now they could have done a better job. In an AMAZING coincidence that is the same guy CNN interviewed!!! Trying to portray more of the attendees as nut-jobs? Couldn’t even find enough signs so they had to repeat.

If they really wanted to get their combined act together, this is what they might have said…Sorry for the delayed intro…


CNN gets what they deserve

You have probaly seen the CNN “reporter” confronting Tea Party attendees in Chicago. You probably saw the attck on the dad with teh two year old but have you seen the whoel thing? You may have missed here intro and lies about the organizers. You may not have seen the first guy she picked out… wow…obviously she picked him to set her agenda. Then notice how she moves past a bunch of people to select another mark. Then after asking him a question she cuts him off and barates him with “stimulus facts”. He takes it in stride and then finishes his cogent thought… damn that set her back. She continues to set her agenda and then stops the interview, slams the protestors, Fox News and signs off… or did she. Look what someone else has posted.

Getting paid to cover the protest, $5,000
Professional Camera and Microphone, $100,000
Getting out reported by a Chicago mom, PRICELESS.