Still not buying the Gov. Jindal story.

I saw Governor Jindal on Meet the Press with David Gregory. Governor Jindal (of Louisiana) is being touted by many Republicans and the answer to Obama or even more crazy as the next Ronald Reagan. I do not buy it. He makes some good points about “strings attached” and long term spending impacts. But he is weak and not nearly emotionally invested in he responses, like Reagan and dare I say Obama. Listen to the interview and watch for these moments. Then think about what he could have said in reply.

He is willing to say the correct things in grand generalities (like Obama) but when asked point blank to defend tax cuts, he wavered and stammered. The facts recited were fundamentally false and Jindal did not know it! He was told that revenues dropped and median incomes did not rise. FALSE! Revenues climbed as did median incomes (in real dollars). It was even a softball. After laying out the invalid numbers he was asked “Do you think these numbers are wrong?”… Come On!

Second, he was asked if stimulus was bad. That Americans were saving and buying down bills, causing the economy to contract. We need the stimulus right? and… nothing!
Answer: Americans are among the most indebted peoples in the world. The government is drunk on deficit spending. The stock market is down 40%+ will no signs of recovery! Do you think people should be spending MORE?! People are smart, people know that in times of uncertainty you need to take a solid assessment of where the money is going and your long term debt. They actually expect their Representatives in Government to do the same. Maybe even read the bill they are signing…then something he actually did say… Throwing more debt and money at the problem only delays the problem… [but missed this]… and forces solving this problem to future generations. That is wholly UNAMERICAN and obfuscating the responsibility granted to us by our electorate!

I hear some of the right words but I do not see the energy and therefore do not believe in Jindal.


Moderate Republicans and Crossing the Aisle

Well, it has been a while. Licking wounds, pondering the future… no. Sometimes work and kids take you away. In this case it was a needed and welcome diversion. It has given me time to work up a lather over the post-election coverage. So on we go….

There are two dominant opinions working there way around the Republican party in these post-election days. Both admit defeat in the election and both say that it is about time to change the message. Hard to disagree when both sides want the same thing. But they have very different messages and goals.

The moderate Republicans believe that the party needs to learn from these losses and try to join the Democrats on some of the big issues. Americans want civility and someone who can get things done by working with the other party. They say, “We need to understand that the American people have spoken. They want universal health care, they believe in climate change.” The theory is, if these are winning platforms, you need to run on them to win. I do not subscribe to this theory.

What I believe is that a large population of voters, believe that Republicans are mean spirited, racist homophobic free market anarchists. They say they don’t want divisiveness that they want someone in the middle like everyone believes they are. So you can jump into the Socialist big government pool with the Democrats. This leaves you to be a less mean spirited racist homophobic Socialist. These folks will surely like you more. But they will never vote for you over the loving caring free-love green Socialist that is today’s Democratic party. This is the real lesson of John McCain. A lost Republican trying to befriend the left and get along only looks like a cheap copy. No one wants a cheap copy when they can get the real thing by voting for a Democrat. No one wants to vote for someone that has come to their views out of fear instead of conviction.

What Republicans need to do is not to blur the lines as they have begun to do. What they need to do is differentiate themselves on the one key issue: The role of Government in America. The more I discuss issues the more I find that no matter what someone wants, no matter the issue they find dear, they have another issue (usually more) that disgusts them. The country does not want universal health care. They want a solution to rising health care costs. They don’t want higher taxes. They want to trim budget deficits. But in this election no clear distinction was given.

Let me state is clearly… Republicans lost this election. It is time for Conservatives to run for office again. McCain tried but when you do not believe it in your core, you cannot deliver the message with emotion. You also cannot counter the media and the lofty speeches of your opponent. I agree with Ronald Reagan… now is the time for bold colors. Now is the tie for conservatives to stand clarify their message and begin to articulate it again.

I am sure there will be plenty of options to articulate the differences in approach over the coming years. In my opinion the failures of the coming policies will be seen. There needs to be a clear alternative in the mind of the voters, a message that says, “We have another idea, we believe in less government [not no government]. We believe in the power of the American people and not the power of elite government bureaucrats. We believe in this option or that option.” When the failures come, and they will, they will eventually be followed by a election and the voters will know what to do.

Until then. I will do my part to articulate my views and other options to those being proposed. If I happen to agree, I will strongly push for those as well. More to come.


I am a political junky and Reagan conservative [at least I think so].

I grew up during Carter and shaped much of my beliefs in the years that followed. I lived through the airraid drills in the schools, the Iranian hostage crisis, and double digit unemployment (my father was included). I have heard about the 24% interest rates but at the time had no clue of that impact. I did enjoy the 6% saving account interest, but did not understand the negative impact that double digit inflation was having on my meager funds.

I survived as did this country and watched Reagan and Bush compete in 1979. If I remember properly my dad liked Bush better then. I then watched as a strong man with strong opinions captured the country by storm. I listened as he talked about how great we were and that this crisis was about to end. And end it he did. Dropping tax rates, growing business and cheering us the whole way. Driving revenues upward and bringing the American economy and people with it.

I went on to College in 1985 in a whole new world from the one I grew up in. I graduated in four years (or there abouts) in Engineering. I have spent the last 20+ years working with computers, applications, databases, business intelligence, well… numbers.

I have always had strong opinions based on my upbringing and education. Hypocrites and the continual abuse of statistics have been my biggest pet peeves. I decided that talking with family, friends and yelling a the television was not cathartic enough. I decided to start writing them down and to see what others thought. Well let’s see….