Jobs and Industries Democrats are trying to kill

This is meant to become a running list of all of the industries specifically targeted for destruction by the Democrat party. Many of these are obvious but the goal it to look at the ripple effects of each of these decisions and understand the impact on the unemployment picture and the economy as a whole.

Target: Big Oil
Impact: Rig Workers, Parts Manufacturers, Local Service, Gas Prices (which impacts inflation)

Target: Tobacco Companies
Impact: Employees, Farmers, Tax Revenue (all those pet programs “for the kids” supported by this revenue)

Target: Banks
Impact: Employees, New York Restaurants, Las Vegas (and other conference cities), Event planners, wait staff, cooks

Target: Private Jets
Impact: Manufacturer, Small Airports, Pilots, Service Technicians, Oil Companies, Steel Manufacturing, Parts Suppliers

Hope that you do not know anyone in any of these industries or reliant on these industries. The economy is connected, pick and choose winners and losers and the ripples are long and wide. The end results is always the same, lower employment; usually in the service sectors that support these businesses and towns, lower tax revenue and more government control of free enterprise. Make no mistake. This is either the end goal or they are incompetent. I believe they know full well what they are doing and government control of private business is the end game.


Does the media know what Bipartisan means?

It would seem from all of the press coverage of the “stimulus” bill that the term bipartisan is a bit confused. Based on a quick review on, I found that it means “representing, characterized by, or including members from two parties or factions”… odd. Based on the coverage of the vote it would seem to mean “voting for something that democrats vote for” and though that would then create a bipartisan vote it is not the definition.

There were two bipartisan votes yesterday on the “stimulus” and both are getting very little coverage. The first was a vote against the big pork barrel main bill all the Republicans and 11 democrats voted against the bill. By definition that would be bipartisan. The other vote was for the Republican alternative bill which garnered 10 Democrat votes. But I see no coverage of this fact.

I did see Howard Dean on CNBC. He expressed the overarching “new definition” for bipartisan. He words were cleaned up but the basic message was this “we won the election, vote like us or you will keep losing”. No understanding for the bipartisan opposition to the pork in this bill. No value is placed on the constituents that put these Representatives in office. Simply “vote like us”.

This bill is not stimulus. Even the CBO stated that only .12 of every dollar (For the Obamatons that would be “a lot less than half”) will go towards stimulating the economy. So 88% of the money goes to what? Pork…the NEA, Acorn, Alternative Fuels, an ATV trail (that might count on the 12%) and adding more children (with family income over the median and up to age 30) to the government healthcare roles. In other words pet projects for Democrat constituents that got them elected. I know many will say that is why they are there and this is what their constituents expect. I tend to agree. The American people say they want change they say they want things to be different. But in the end they want something for themselves and if it means $9000 for every tax paying family to that they can get some spare change back. They continue to put these people in power.

But Taxes are not going up and the economy is in decline. So this “money” does not exist. How can a project be run on money that does not exist. How can the programs that can’t be paid for now, be increased? It is called “printing money” or “deficit spending”. I thought this was the reason Republicans lost power in 2006. Too much spending and yet we have turned the spicket into a fire hose and left on on full.

I blame us. We put them there. We keep them there. We are rewarding deficit spending. They overspend, we overspend, we are all in debt and the economy is collapsing. So we spend more. What sense does that make. We are the greedy &^*&(%^ that care more about soaking the other guy then preserving the economy for future generations.

Unfortunately, I do not think the spending will stop. This “porkulus” bill will fail to help the economy. It will grow government and government jobs and dependency. And we will ask for more help and another bill will be passed, spending even more money we do not have.

If it were to continue, the interest on these payments will eventually outpace revenue (that would be money taken from most of us…still most for a few more months) and out debtors will realize we are in default. The economy will go deeper into recession (probably depression at this point). But that is ok because this bill “saved jobs”. They will argue that it would have been a lot worse, the media will parrot the sentiment and the spiral continues.

Some will remember the brave 188 that voted in a bipartisan vote to slow this train, they tried to take another course. I hope enough will join will them in the coming months and years to stop the train. The path out of deficit spending is hard and disciplined. It means cutting back not spending more it means putting votes at risk to do what is right. I wonder if enough of them have that much courage.

Obama Recession hits -20%.

Yeah, I said it. This current downturn since November (even earlier) is now on Obama. As the economy rolled quickly down the hill, Obama had the option in each debate, his stump speeches, his acceptance speech and to any microphone since to stop the bleeding. He has not. All he would need state is that any economy in turmoil cannot afford higher taxes. Especially on capital gains. What is ironic is that raising the capital gains rate will have little impact by the time it is passed anyway. Anyone with gains to take is getting out of the market and no one is getting back in. The economy is shrinking, companies are fighting to stay above water and they are laying people off.

Obama threatened to raise taxes, threatened investors with a near doubling of the capital gains rate, threatened companies with more oversight, more taxes and more unions. He backed down on none of it and now he is elected.

Many thought the market had already taken its lumps, found a new low and prepared for this before November 4th. I thought it had to and I put some back in. What many missed, including me was the senate fight for 60. Some were talking about it but it did not seem likely. But as the election approached it became possible. Then on November 5th three elections were undecided and three seats was all that was needed…and down the market went.

Since that time those elections sat undecided. One concluded this week and the Democrats are now two away. One is so close and in a Democrat controlled state, so that is likely to change hands… leaving us with one…Georgia… and down goes the market.

The fears Obama put in every business owner, every investor, and any tax payer that was really listening look even clearer now then they did before the election. The ability to implement each and every program [deficit be damned], raise taxes, limit corporations, empower unions…kill growth, drive up unemployment, capital the US economy for years to come… these are now all possible… and the markets sink.

I believe in irony and I believe if the Dems hit 60 the Dow hits 6000 (a < 50% decline from its highs).

Democrats not done with ruining stocks…They want your 401k

They now want access to the tax dollars sheltered by our 401k deposits. Listen to the words “We’ve invested $80 billion into subsidizing this activity”. They believe we are stealing from them. How dare we try and save for our own retirement! It is unbelievable that any money you keep is “being subsidized” by the government.

Watch out for the “fixes” being put in place. I think they guys must have the easiest jobs ever. They do what they want, create problems through mandate, then convince us we need then to step in and fix it. I fear the American people are this gullible.

This is what we get when burocrats get involved in the stock market

On Behalf of toyman:

You might find this interesting. Harry Reid opens his mouth and starts a reaction prior to the Senate vote.

“We don’t have a lot of leeway on time. One of the individuals in the caucus today talked about a major insurance company. A major insurance company — one with a name that everyone knows that’s on the verge of going bankrupt. That’s what this is all about,”

Dumba**. I like the way he put it “one with a name that everyone knows” . . . like that would soften the impact. Instead it necessitates a number of insurance companies to make statements to the contrary.

Isn’t about time he retire?

A look back at the root cause of the mess caused by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

This should be required viewing by all before they are allowed to vote.

Congressional hearings 2004 on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bad accounting practices.

FoxNews Timeline of events with quotes and video.

I know that facts sometimes get in the way of emotion and cause confusion in the minds of the brainwashed. But facts are facts.