Obama’s own campaign convicts him for Fannie Mae collapse

Wow this is this most tainted twisted story I have ever seen! The narrator should lose all credibility and his job (if he has one beyond being a shill for the campaign).

The arguments layed out here absolutely set up Senator Obama for an investigation. The campaign contributions by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac implicate him in a plot to stop regulation of those companies. No different then the allegations against Senator McCain at the time.

McCain was exonerated after the investigation and 3 Democrats were indited. Somehow this was missed. This investigation set John McCain on the path to clean up corruption and undue influence in Washington and his record proves it.

I say it is now time to bring Senator Obama in front of the congress and the American people to answer for his campaign donations. As this video sets forth, he woudl have demanded no less from John McCain. Let us see if he too can come out clean.

Thanks for opening the door to fair play.


Dear John…I hope we can work this out (page 2)

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Dear John… (Page 2)

2. I said I would get back to tax policy. I understand the fears about cutting taxes with the current deficits. But their are a few facts that I think are not being considered. First item is that tax rates are not the measure with which we should concern ourselves. It is tax revenues that really matter. This was evident in the tax cuts passed in 2003. The economy was in recession and jobs were being lost. We has lost over 500billion in revenue in 2001 and 2002 and continued to trend downward. After the tax cuts this trend was reversed and revenues increased. We gained back that 500billion in losses and are now have well over a trillion dollars more revenue then we would have had without those tax cuts. It bears repeating, we have INCREASED REVENUE to the federal government by over ONE TRILLION dollars since those tax cuts were put in place four years ago. This can be easily confirmed by the IRS’s own published numbers.

Secondly, through the growth period of 2003-2008 we were able to get this revenue with lower effective rates because the economy was growing. New and growing companies hired millions of people and those people and companies paid taxes. An important fact in this is that 80% of the new jobs where from companies with less than 10 employees. Small companies, who often pay taxes as individuals. In fact, two thirds of those “individuals” Senator Obama includes in his tax increases are those small companies.

So as the economy is shrinking and jobs are being lost again, should we really be increasing the burden on those companies and individuals that create jobs? Or should we rather give them more freedom to create jobs and trim the size of the federal government? Since the federal budget is slated to increase by more than 10% each year, regardless of inflation, I propose we hold the current levels (save that 10%) and reevaluate where that revenue is best spent.

Senator Obama and his running mate argue that this would not be fair. That those with most need to pay their fair share. Today those top 5% now pay almost 60% of all taxes which is up over 5% from 2001. The top 10% pay more than 70% of all taxes and a full 40% of Americans pay no income tax what-so-ever. In light of these simple facts, I think it is only fair to ask, “Senator Obama, just how much is ‘Their fair share.’?” If 60% is not enough, how much is enough? Based on his plan he will give tax refunds to 95% of Americans. This includes the 40% of Americans that do not pay income taxes. This cannot legitimately be called a “tax refund”… it is called “redistribution”.

Dear John: I hope we can work this out (page 1)

Dear John McCain,

Please stop “I can reach across the isle” platitudes. Everyone knows you have and everyone understands. What you have to do is explain where you stand and where you believe Obama stands. Gov. Palin started on a few points but missed the clarity that is required to convert the undecided. It is time to walk people through the conversion and pin Obama down.

Based on last weeks debates and stump speeched since, here are a few points I think need clarification. No spin just straight talk and facts.

1. Where does Obama stand? He says that he will only raise taxes on the top 5% and you say that should not be trusted. Not enough…step us through.

Obama says that he will only raise taxes on the top 5% of wage earners. Though I fundamentally think that is wrong-headed, I understand the concerns others may have with the deficit. I will get to that a bit later. I would like to take Senator Obama at his word as many Americans would as well. But looking at his very short senatorial record he has voted 94 times against the taxpayers and for higher taxes for individuals with income as low as 42k (earning him a lifetime rating of 14% in favor of taxpayers). With a record as short as his, it is possible that this does not represent the full view of the man. Let’s look back at his state legislative record. That too is a bit murky with a large number of votes of “present”. Hard to gauge that. That’s OK, let’s take one more step. We can look at his community service and the character of the people with which he surrounds himself. Well… there is that work with Acorn…maybe that series of board meetings and work with Bill Ayers… well at least his is attended church regularly.

There is nothing in his background at all that would indicate that he is nothing but a far left liberal that would raise taxes on everyone. But again, I do not want to call him a liar. If he says he won’t, then maybe we should take him at his word. For example, he said he supports our troops…but then voted to cut off their funding. He said he would accept matching funds… but then decided not to. He says he understands the middle class and then says that they are bitterly clinging to their guns and religion.

I am sorry my friends, his background and the facts simply do not support his words. I am a man of action and my record on that is clear. The difference is also just as clear.”

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O’reilly dead on for McCain campaign

McCain is losing on the economy because he is afraid to slam Bush. Don’t slam Bush, slam the financial meltdown and take a stand. O’bama and the media already admit that revenues are going to drop and that a recession is imminent. Their traditional answer of raising taxes to get “more revenue” is disastrous. And though cutting taxes in 2003 ended a recesssion and increased revenues, cutting anything but capital gains is suicide at this point.

Let’s agree to all make the sacrifice and hold spending at the current levels during this down turn. In a few years revenues will be back up and we can decide if we need to increase the size of any government programs at all. Since many of us will not notice the difference, maybe we will spend it more wisely.

O’reilly hit it right on the head in his talking points (timestamp 1:00) for 9/29.

Advice from a supporter that is beginning to wane

I want the maverick back. Not the guy that talks about being a maverick and being bipartisan and bringing people together but the guy that IS. Don’t suspend your campaign and don’t phone it in.

Continue stumping for the fact that you tried. You went there to try making sure that all parties were at the table. And in the end this bill was better and had more bipartisan support than the original ever could have. But that it is not enough and it is not done. Stump for the Gingrich turned Republican house plan. Some smaller “bail-out” might needed to be included, say 100B to allow for the Fed to hold distressed mortgages. Take the failure of a bad plan as a good thing not a distraction. Everyone, I talked to leaning either way thinks that an insurance plan and protection is in order but not a buy-out. If you can be the voice of this plan, the voice of those Republicans and Democrats that could not vote for this, the voice of the people. Then get to Washington (middle of the night, early morning arrival) and get his financial bill done. Stand as a leader from the Capital steps and proclaim your stance strongly for all to hear. It will pass and you will bring me strongly back into your camp.

You have to believe it, you have to feel it, and you have to lead I see this campaign much as I did the acceptance speech; kind of slow and methodical, laying out the differences, explaining positions to the American people. But it needs to end strong, the speech ended with emotion, it ended by calling us all forward, it ended as a maverick and America become the leader we all need. loved it. Now end this campaign the same way.

Who is working for us and who is lining their pockets?

Let’s let the congressional record speak for itself.
Note the “Reform act of 2005”. Comment dated May 25, 2006.The most significant statement… If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole.

Someone had their finger on the pulse of this issue and was trying to address it and save the disaster we are trying to fix today. Someone was looking cause and effect, actions and impacts. Someone was completely in touch with the situation and trying to do what was right. That someone was four republicans including John McCain.

Contrast that with this.
Note the dates 1989-2008. Obama was elected in 2004 and has reached number 2. I guess he is an “up and comer” [in lining his own pockets]. Note that McCain is not in the top 25. Wonder why?

So the simple question is, “Who is working ofr us and who is working for themselves?” It would seem to be so obvious at this point that to change Washington we need someone that is willing to for us.