Obama Recession hits -20%.

Yeah, I said it. This current downturn since November (even earlier) is now on Obama. As the economy rolled quickly down the hill, Obama had the option in each debate, his stump speeches, his acceptance speech and to any microphone since to stop the bleeding. He has not. All he would need state is thatContinue reading “Obama Recession hits -20%.”

Republicans are making Lemons from Lemonade

Some Positive Reactions From The Right Thank you Dennis for your optimism. I agree mostly with point 1 and whole-heartedly with point two. However, you are far more optimistic then I on the rest. Point 3: Liberals are in the process of creating a plurality of Americans that pay no income tax. Race is notContinue reading “Republicans are making Lemons from Lemonade”

Obama is not Robin Hood he is Prince John

Let’s get something clear here. This Robin Hood, “Take form the Rich and Give to the Poor” babble is completely off base. It is dead wrong and insulting. Dead-Wrong because Robin Hood did not take from the “rich” indiscriminately. He took from the elite insider class of the government to give it back to theContinue reading “Obama is not Robin Hood he is Prince John”

Obama’s statements on taxes explained

Having the benefit of years of pouring through data and trying to correct entrenched assumptions about what that data is telling us, has been far more useful in this election than in the past. I find it fascinating to listen to the “words” and “speeches” of Oabama and the ease at which he uses statisticsContinue reading “Obama’s statements on taxes explained”

Obama tax plan: $1000 Tax credit to replace your job

The fundamental stupidity of the Obama tax plan is that he will increases taxes on companies that actually make profits in these tough times. The impact of those taxes will be two-fold. He does not just want to increase the corporate tax rate but also the capital gains taxes on anyone that happens to wantContinue reading “Obama tax plan: $1000 Tax credit to replace your job”

Date Line Washington DC: Feb 14, 2009

President Obama, appearing in the Rose garden, after his emergency economic summit with the Democratic leaders of Congress, today announced emergency action to help resolve the economic crisis. “Today I asked Congress to act quickly to enact my tax proposals. Unfortunately, due to the depth of crisis started by the failed policies of the BushContinue reading “Date Line Washington DC: Feb 14, 2009”

Kurtz has read the facts and connected some dots.

I originally thought that the fact that they sat on a board together for a few years was a questionable relationship. One that really required us to wait on Obama and see just what kind of legislator he will be. I think that is even more evident after reading the Kurtz article today. The nowContinue reading “Kurtz has read the facts and connected some dots.”

Obama’s own campaign convicts him for Fannie Mae collapse

Wow this is this most tainted twisted story I have ever seen! The narrator should lose all credibility and his job (if he has one beyond being a shill for the campaign). The arguments layed out here absolutely set up Senator Obama for an investigation. The campaign contributions by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac implicateContinue reading “Obama’s own campaign convicts him for Fannie Mae collapse”

Can someone educate me on just when it is communism?

In a call to Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings on Tuesday, for example. Obama spoke of how President Obama could revisit bankruptcy laws to give judges more leeway to restructure residential mortgage payments when threatened with foreclosure. Obama didn’t need to lay out a quid pro quo because the message was clear. And Cummings, a noContinue reading “Can someone educate me on just when it is communism?”

Dear John: I hope we can work this out (page 1)

Dear John McCain, Please stop “I can reach across the isle” platitudes. Everyone knows you have and everyone understands. What you have to do is explain where you stand and where you believe Obama stands. Gov. Palin started on a few points but missed the clarity that is required to convert the undecided. It isContinue reading “Dear John: I hope we can work this out (page 1)”