Republicans are making Lemons from Lemonade

Some Positive Reactions From The Right Thank you Dennis for your optimism. I agree mostly with point 1 and whole-heartedly with point two. However, you are far more optimistic then I on the rest. Point 3: Liberals are in the process of creating a plurality of Americans that pay no income tax. Race is notContinue reading “Republicans are making Lemons from Lemonade”

A clear difference in philosophy

I heard an explanation of the differences between Conservatives and Liberals that I thought was interesting. The comparison was something along the lines of … Two Americans both have big dreams. The conservative wants to wrok for himself, create a company, provide for his family, grow the business and retire comfortably. The Liberal wants toContinue reading “A clear difference in philosophy”

How to lie with statistics (politics II)

I have mentioned a few in a previous post and I now have a few more that are bugging me. The income gap One you have likely heard and may fall into is this…The income gap between the have and have-nots is widening. I do not deny that the gap is widening in fact ifContinue reading “How to lie with statistics (politics II)”

So what of McCain’s idea of a "Spending Freeze"

We all hear how big the national debt is. They even have Debt Tickers that attempt to show it. The National Debt is currently at 10Trillion dollars. But what of the yearly impact on this number. From 2005-2007 the Debt rose by just under 1.1Trillion dollars. Or about 550 billion a year. Tracking the growthContinue reading “So what of McCain’s idea of a "Spending Freeze"”

Kurtz has read the facts and connected some dots.

I originally thought that the fact that they sat on a board together for a few years was a questionable relationship. One that really required us to wait on Obama and see just what kind of legislator he will be. I think that is even more evident after reading the Kurtz article today. The nowContinue reading “Kurtz has read the facts and connected some dots.”

Obama’s own campaign convicts him for Fannie Mae collapse

Wow this is this most tainted twisted story I have ever seen! The narrator should lose all credibility and his job (if he has one beyond being a shill for the campaign). The arguments layed out here absolutely set up Senator Obama for an investigation. The campaign contributions by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac implicateContinue reading “Obama’s own campaign convicts him for Fannie Mae collapse”

Democrats not done with ruining stocks…They want your 401k

They now want access to the tax dollars sheltered by our 401k deposits. Listen to the words “We’ve invested $80 billion into subsidizing this activity”. They believe we are stealing from them. How dare we try and save for our own retirement! It is unbelievable that any money you keep is “being subsidized” by theContinue reading “Democrats not done with ruining stocks…They want your 401k”

Can we please learn a lession from California?

We knew this was coming. California is the most expensive state in the union. It was only a meeter of time before the other states worked out ways to entice companies away. That way is tax policy allowing companies to have tax breaks to move their businesses into states and bring the jobs, associated businessesContinue reading “Can we please learn a lession from California?”

Who is working for us and who is lining their pockets?

Let’s let the congressional record speak for itself. the “Reform act of 2005”. Comment dated May 25, 2006.The most significant statement… If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economyContinue reading “Who is working for us and who is lining their pockets?”

Electricity comes from…thin air…and oil!

It would seem that the Democrats believe that electricity comes from thin air. They continue to pick winners and losers in this energy crisis. They have obviously decided that oil and natural gas, stagnant in the ground, is the loser and electricity and food for energy is the winner.I simply do not understand it. OilContinue reading “Electricity comes from…thin air…and oil!”