Invalid Tax Theory Abounds

I heard it yet again twice today. This time clearly state don Lou Dobbs Tonight and eluded to on Hannity and Colmes. It is the seemingly honest statement that the Bush tax cuts are the cause of the current deficits. The problem is that this common opinion is absolutely false. It is a perfect exampleContinue reading “Invalid Tax Theory Abounds”

Obama tax plan: $1000 Tax credit to replace your job

The fundamental stupidity of the Obama tax plan is that he will increases taxes on companies that actually make profits in these tough times. The impact of those taxes will be two-fold. He does not just want to increase the corporate tax rate but also the capital gains taxes on anyone that happens to wantContinue reading “Obama tax plan: $1000 Tax credit to replace your job”

Date Line Washington DC: Feb 14, 2009

President Obama, appearing in the Rose garden, after his emergency economic summit with the Democratic leaders of Congress, today announced emergency action to help resolve the economic crisis. “Today I asked Congress to act quickly to enact my tax proposals. Unfortunately, due to the depth of crisis started by the failed policies of the BushContinue reading “Date Line Washington DC: Feb 14, 2009”

Can we please learn a lession from California?

We knew this was coming. California is the most expensive state in the union. It was only a meeter of time before the other states worked out ways to entice companies away. That way is tax policy allowing companies to have tax breaks to move their businesses into states and bring the jobs, associated businessesContinue reading “Can we please learn a lession from California?”

Dear John…I hope we can work this out (page 2)

Continued from Page 1 Dear John… (Page 2) 2. I said I would get back to tax policy. I understand the fears about cutting taxes with the current deficits. But their are a few facts that I think are not being considered. First item is that tax rates are not the measure with which weContinue reading “Dear John…I hope we can work this out (page 2)”

Dear John: I hope we can work this out (page 1)

Dear John McCain, Please stop “I can reach across the isle” platitudes. Everyone knows you have and everyone understands. What you have to do is explain where you stand and where you believe Obama stands. Gov. Palin started on a few points but missed the clarity that is required to convert the undecided. It isContinue reading “Dear John: I hope we can work this out (page 1)”