What the GA models really say…

I decided to follow up on my own post and spend some time with the simulator and charts that are making so much news. https://analytics-tools.shinyapps.io/covid19simulator07/ First, if you see their actual charts you will see a third graph that no one is sharing. Lockdown to a full reopening if even better. So what do theseContinue reading “What the GA models really say…”

GA reopens and thousands more will die…

Just ask the models, but do not dare ask any questions of the modelers or the input data. Here is a link to the simulator and model that is referenced https://covid19sim.org/ https://www.thedailybeast.com/ending-coronavirus-lockdowns-in-mississippi-georgia-and-florida-could-doom-thousands https://www.11alive.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/covid-19-simulator-sees-a-second-wave-of-cases-in-georgia/85-87a01943-e29c-46ac-962e-86642eb5b4ef Simulators and models show thousands more will die. As I have mentioned, a few things drive me nuts here. Social distancing “flattensContinue reading “GA reopens and thousands more will die…”

Revising models due to changing reality or just bad models?

I keep harping on the bad math within the COVID-19 reporting. But I guess it is the world in which we live. I do not blame the Mathematicians. In back offices, they are trying to build models to predict outcomes. The models are only as good as the data they are fed, and the currentContinue reading “Revising models due to changing reality or just bad models?”

MORE Bad Math and progress on COVID-19

This is a followup to the original bad math being used for the modelling of COVID-19. As noted by Dr. Fauci we could not predict with any certainty (or compare to the flu) due to a “denominator problem.” Since then, Dr. Fauci (the same one) has compared COVID-19 to the flu (stating it was 10xContinue reading “MORE Bad Math and progress on COVID-19”

Math versus Panic… Flu versus Coronavirus

First, let me say. Stay safe, wash your hands and avoid sick people. But I wanted to do some digging on the math, “the denominator problem” as Dr. Fauci stated. Lots of news organizations want to push the panic button. “ten times worse than the flu” and they jump all over it. But the sameContinue reading “Math versus Panic… Flu versus Coronavirus”

Liberals and Math; not close friends

Bloomberg Could Have Given Each American $1 Million With Money He Spent https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/03/06/msnbcs_brian_williams_new_york_times_editorial_board_member_mara_gay_five_divided_by_three_equals_one_million.html Wow.. just … … wow. I get that the person originally posting may have been drinking or just outraged. But Brian Williams, his producer, the editors, the camera man, teleprompter ANY ONE can you do basic math? Millions/Millions… 1 over 1 ..Continue reading “Liberals and Math; not close friends”

Trump CAN win California in 2020

Rush Limbaugh said that Trump should campaign in CA. Not because he can win it outright but to set the stage.  He is correct; but also wrong (sorry 98.6%). Trump can win CA easily and campaigning there is obviously and important step.  CA passed a law that all 55 of their electoral votes go toContinue reading “Trump CAN win California in 2020”

Healthcare still the major weakness of Trump Administration

The GOP and President are failing on Healthcare as they did in 2018. If the GOP can take this issue from the left, they will have kicked the last leg from the Democrat stool. You cannot just talk big picture, protect preexisting conditions, cheaper etc. You need a plan. The left has plans. We mayContinue reading “Healthcare still the major weakness of Trump Administration”