Rush Limbaugh: How to define a legacy?

My father was diagnosed this year and had half a lung removed, radiation and the like. Talking politics and Limbaugh with him was a great distraction. Thanks for making that harder (sarcasm font). I am seriously saddened (or as Rush the Band said… I felt a shadow cross my heart). Nut not fully surprised basedContinue reading “Rush Limbaugh: How to define a legacy?”

Redistribution of Wealth the free market way

This country seems to be split fifty/fifty with little way to resolve the fundamental disagreement between free market conservatives and the liberal (more socialistic) redistribution philosophies. As I stated in a previous blog, there is huge tension created by the simple fact that the socialist agenda must take from the free market agenda to succeed.Continue reading “Redistribution of Wealth the free market way”

CORE Principals exposed via solutions

So much about politics is noise. To filter our the noise, I use one simple technique. I listen for CORE Principals. In most arguments, the problems are known and often agreed. However, the solutions move in often opposite directions. My core principals lean on the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I lookContinue reading “CORE Principals exposed via solutions”

Perspective changes everything: ah-ha moment with Glenn Beck

I watched Tuesday and Wednesday’s show and the work at the chalkboard. I have to admit that I had a light bulb/AH HA moment. I do not believe that my “discovery” was your intent and may already be obvious to you and your audience. To me it was that dot that connected a few others and made theContinue reading “Perspective changes everything: ah-ha moment with Glenn Beck”

The Constitution (a few simple thoughts)

Just before the election an Obama Radio interview surfaced. In that interview he argues that the constitution was getting in the way of the supreme court redistributing wealth (creating economic change). He also talked about the fact that the constitution lists what the government cannot do to you, but it does not list what theyContinue reading “The Constitution (a few simple thoughts)”

I am sure you have all heard Republicans are violent racists at rallies.

Have any of you heard the Secret service has interviewed their own agents, police and attendees and noone actually heard what Singleton claims he heard. But you see it must be true because the media is always truthful and there is no way he misheard it or had any bias. I am sure all ofContinue reading “I am sure you have all heard Republicans are violent racists at rallies.”

It’s hard to reach out to workers while punitivly taxing the employer.

In response to ‘Joe the Plumber and GOP ‘Authenticity’ I hope your were not completely serious. I do appreciate a Liberal that actual understands how they are viewed and is willing to put forth an argument that does not start with “Well, Bush…” You are dead-on correct that the cities are viewed as cesspools ofContinue reading “It’s hard to reach out to workers while punitivly taxing the employer.”