The why


In a world of social media, the traditional journalism has lost its soul.  It caters to click-bate and sensationalism.  Running from story to story [hunch to hunch] with ALERT as the by-line of everything.

We are likely never to go back to wait, research, confirm, source and inform journalism of the past.   But there is a better way to redefine good journalism in the new age.   We want to blend the human insight into the technology; to remember what was said and hold news sites and journalists accountable.


Pew: 46% of U.S. social media users say they are ‘worn out’ by political posts and discussions

UofMO: Who trusts — and pays for — the news? Here’s what 8,728 people told us [Full report]

NY Times: YouTube, the Great Radicalizer

Washington Post: Does 2016 prove that center right doesn’t explain American politics?

We are all biased.

No?  What is your favorite color?  Do you like these shoes?  Look at that hair?  Who does he/she think she is?   That show stinks?

We ask friends, coworkers and even associates about all sorts of things; television shows, movies, even parenting.  But when it comes to politics, “I have no opinion, I am not biased.” is the scripted answer we are all supposed to have.

I will not comply.   I have opinions on most things,  formed from experiences in my life.  I continue to learn and grow and this comes from interactions with others, including the knowledge gained in their lives…aka their bias.

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