CORE Principals exposed via solutions

So much about politics is noise. To filter our the noise, I use one simple technique. I listen for CORE Principals. In most arguments, the problems are known and often agreed. However, the solutions move in often opposite directions.

My core principals lean on the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I look for these principals underlying policy arguments. In far too many cases, the solutions being offered not only lack these principals they move the in the opposite direction or even worse directly violate those principals.

At this point will not be going into every political argument, because there are far too many and always changing. However, there is one that often comes up and continues to move in the wrong direction.

Healthcare is a right. No it is not. Rights are granted to human beings by their creator as part of the their existence. Healthcare is a service provided by others. “Others” that happen to be human beings with an innate right to pursue their own happiness. Putting government between this transaction of two parties is inherently wrong; even if desired.

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